Saturday, September 17, 2011

More than a Cafe, it's a lifestyle ...

Welcome... Warm Welcome !

A little piece of heaven recently opened in Parkland, Florida. 
It's called Nuage Cafe. "Nuage" means "cloud" in French because water is most essential nutrient to all living beings on earth.

Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute and Complementary Medicine World Leader lectured the Grand-Opening on December 10th of 2011.

Nuage Cafe has become a community in itself. 
Hundreds of health enthusiasts visit the Cafe on a regular basis to nourish themselves with the freshest, purest, most lovingly prepared RAW-VEGAN Gluten-Free ORGANIC NON-GMO BUFFET!

Health conscious also join our events to meet like-minded men, women and children. They also learn, practice, understand, gain wisdom and clarity to make better choices for their lives and share with others.

The Founder, Thierry Browers, aka "Superlight" is a self-taught Rawfood Chef, Vitalist, Perfect Health Advocate, Self-taught Scientist/Alchemist, Humanitarian and Environmentalist.

Thierry says: "It's not about the food that we eat, it's about the energy in the food that we can assimilate... Nuage serves an organic raw vegan living buffet twice a day, everyday (except sunday lunch), for you to come in and nourish your body, mind and spirit. Slow down, tune-in with nature, allow yourself a break to assimilate the high vitality, pure and clean foods I prepare for you with love and passion."

What Nuage' enthusiasts say:

Val Silidker
I just had the most delicious and nourishing lunch at the 
Nuage Cafe in Boca! If you havent been there yet, do your body and spirit a favor and GO! The energy is tangible...beautiful sacred healing space, incredible living foods, tranquil music...and all of it created, held and served with love by the amazing Thierry Browers.

"If you haven't visited yet, run there now!"
~ Anita Parker, Sarasota, FL.

Enjoyed my lunch so so much, cannot wait to go back!
lunch was super yummy yesterday...we will be back :)
Thank you Thierry for providing the world with delicious and nutritious yummy goodness!! That was the best lunch ever and that smoothie was just RAWSOME!! :) Thank you
p.s- can't wait for my dinner! :)
I love my new TC karaffe! Looking forward to my next lunch and another super water conversation. A little light goes a long way!
Alicia Falcone
We bought The Water Power and it is amazing,
after a couple of day drinking the water we are feeling with more energy, sleeping better.

I been looking for a place like this in South Florida

Now I need to plan a trip to Florida just to go there.

So glad we have a place like that:)

Awesome place for fun and delicious food!

Dalida Taylor
"Thierry is a great teacher,
you can see his love and passion show through in the food he prepares..

and really interested in getting more people involved or learn about raw food food and it's health benefits!…"

This Place is Amazing !!!!!!


LUNCH BUFFET 12-3pm (last sitting 2:30pm)
DINNER BUFFET 6-10pm (last sitting 8:30pm)



"May the sunflower captures your soul with its patterns,
and teaches you t
he secret of divine truth."
~ Thierry Browers



Just like cars need unleaded or diesel fuel to run,
Our human bio-electrical living machine needs
Electric and living nutrition to function well,
in addition with a calm mind,
positive thinking and physical activities.

~    NOURISH  ~  SELF-HEAL  ~   LIVE   ~   BE HAPPY    ~

  State-of-the-Art Hydroponic Greenhouse
Conscious nutrition for conscious people.

Nuage Cafe offers "beyond organic" lettuces, herbs, and vegetables using this futurist prototype state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse. Using a wide range of ionic minerals, this greenhouse produces the cleanest and most nutrient-rich green food.



Nuage Cafe's water just got better with this top-of-the-line Fibonacci Sequence and Flower of Life Sacred Geometry 10 liters "Universe"! It revitalizes the water by SHIFTING the energetic memory of the water back to the state it is found in nature. It also improves the surrounding environment so you may benefit of the power of sacred geometry while enjoy the Buffet. Restores the harmonious flow and vitality in the body, relieving stress, depression and fatigue.

Some of Chef Thierry's Specials
Veggy patty (sunflower, flax, carrots, dandelion, olives, onion), slices organic onion and tomato, spread with pate (sunflower, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, onions), topped with sunflower greens, dressed with french vinaigrette (Dijon mustard, moutarde en grain, palm sugar, fresh oregano, chia seeds). Always served warm and soft inside.

Pineapple, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes Pizza! :P
Made with Organic Flax and Sunflower Seeds.

Raw Burrito-Pizza.
Crispy crust made with flax and Sunflowers.
Red Bell Pepper Ketchup with Sun-dried tomato, Cumin and Mesquite Chipolte
Sunflower Cheese
Fresh Tomatoes
All dehydrated to perfection!
Freshly hand-cut Coconut with a straw!

Grand-Opening with Dr. Briand and Anna-Maria Clement, Co-Directors of Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, FL (

"May the natural flow of loving energies and exemplary camaraderie experienced at Nuage Cafe help us to create a greater reality above mundane and mediocrities. May our gatherings generates a state of a Master Mind to evolve, imagine, dream and create together a better world. May God appreciate and reward us for the contribution we make by this deed of very high value. So friends lets unfold the love of any forms we receive from Nuage and make people around us always feel happy and excited with lot of positive vibrations. Thank you for shining your light and guide others to the collective consciousness awareness, the knowledge, the understanding and ultimately the wisdom of Dhamma."
Thierry Browers
What is Dhamma?
It is the state of Nature as it is.

~ Thierry Browers, Founder, Chef, Owner and Dishwasher at Nuage Cafe.

"The purpose of human life is to serve, to show compassion
and the will to help others.

 ~Albert Schweitzer


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